Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes!

The birthday celebration is well-known from ages.
Even the ancient people have organized the birthday parties and
in doing it they wanted to celebrate their patrons.
Today, people celebrate the person who was born in the given day. And the birthday wishes are sent to them with the banquette of flowers.
This website presents different birthday wishes which are selected to match the receiver of the wishes. There are funny birthday wishes and belated, too.  There are also special wishes for daughters, sister and friends.
Go and look for the best birthday wishes for you!

On your birthday, I wish you a very big birthday cake, candles which are lit on the birthday cake, dreams and desires fulfilled and unlimited number of presents. From the deepest of my heart – yours

2)It is sorry that I am not here but I am sending you the bouquet of greatest wishes: smile and happiness, the joy of every day and
achieving every success which is possible to achieve. Always loving, …

On your birthday I wish you:
Faith in yourself and in your dreams.
Courage, which help you walk through life.
Hope for a better tomorrow.
Patience for achieving set goals.
Love which gives you wings.
Health because it is the most important.

4)I wish you happiness … ‘only’ or ‘up to’ happiness. Because happiness contains small and sometimes imperceptible things that make us happy: a healthy body and mind, a smile sent from a close people, warm word of a friend, a successful course of events, satisfaction with our achievements and satisfaction with the self implementation.

5) On your birthday, I wish you: a smile, health, joy, lots of gifts and guests, the friendships – the greatest and the smallest, many unprecedented adventures and cheerful smiles and everything you dream of, all the best!

6)On your birthday I do not want to wish you a lot. I wish you: a lot of health and love, the powerful smiles and sweetness, a little bit of sadness and tears to make you completely happy if you want.

7) I do not want to wish you the same wishes like other people do, so I wish you to live 100 years, get 100 smiles from strangers, have 100 adorers, only Sundays in your calendar, great friendships and joy of today!

8) Today, on your birthday day, I wish you that this day was completely different from other days. And TOMORROW let’s you dreams and desires fulfill. And it is the most important of my wishes: let your future days will save you grief and tears and happiness will be given you!

9) The best things are always those which we cannot have, what we wait for years. Those are always the most beautiful dreams, colorful and from a fairy-tale world. Today, on your birthday day, I wish you receive what you always dream of! All the best for you!

10)On your birthday, I wish you were smiling on the important day and you always loved the whole world despite the years are running so fast! I wish you also to be young in spirit and do not care of the problems. Happy birthday!

Birthday quotes

Birthdays are something special in the life of every human being. On this day we commemorate the day on which the person has gained an amazing gift … life. Therefore, on this day we want to share reflections and thoughts. Spending time with Jubilat we want to share his joy and recall all the wonderful moments we lived together. If this special day you have no idea of the wishes, nothing is lost. As an alternative, you can select one of the inspirational quotes that you will find on this web site. Everyone will find something for every occasion, no difference if it’s grandma’s birthday or best friend’s. Adorn gifts in a wonderful quote, will give it more magic and the person who gets it will feel nice and touched.

Funny birthday quotes

If you’ve arrived at this page, you need to look for funny birthday quotes.You hit the mark. On our website you will find many examples of such quotes that will make the person receiving wishes laughing to tears and it will be the best day of her life. It does not matter whether you want to make happy your mother, sister, brother, grandmother or your ex-girl. Each of them will do their job in 100 percents. It is known that the birthday is a celebration quite lofty and serious, which is why you need to skillfully separate the good joke of words that could hurt someone. It is an art that we succeeded and therefore you can find below a lot of funny quotations, which Mony Python will not be ashamed of. Have fun on our website!

Funny birthday wishes

Birthday approaching and you do not have an idea for unusual wishes? No problem! On our website you will find many unusual wishes for really any occasion. Have your best friend just got married and lost his freedom? Son has graduated and he is now unemployed? It does not matter what is the occasion. On this website you will find a lot of funny wishes. Ok, ok … Birthdays are something really important and lofty in everyone’s life, but you cannot behave like a mummy! Arrange with your friends the best party ever and let yourself be swept away with emotions having fun. Buy a sensational gift for celebrant and wish him your funniest wishes which you will find below. Then forget all of your worries and enjoy and have fun.

Birthday greetings

As the world long and wide birthdays have always been something special. It is the day when you sit down and think about certain things. Look back and analyze own actions and their consequences. It is the day on which certainly we should not be alone because next year is behind us, so you should spend it actively with your friends. If that’s not your celebration today but your friend, take some time this also. Consider how to make it was his best day in his life. Come on, after all, know him best… Think of what could be the best birthday gift. You do not have to even spend the money on it. You can do something manually and he will be much more happy. Then think about your greeting. If you have no idea, nothing is lost. You can use the one ploaced on this website. Come on, make it the best day in his life.

Birthday wishes

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If you’ve arrived at this page, you need to be interested in finding birthday wishes. Perfect! On our website you will find some nice wishes for every occasion. It happens often that we want to surprise someone with interesting and unconventional wishes on the occasion of his birth, but unfortunately sometimes there is lacking of inspiration. Get rid of this problem once and for all by using the services that brings to you this website. You need something sensational for a best friend? Or you are looking for something lofty, what will touch your grandmother? Do not wait any longer and do not delay, the event is waiting, and you’re already late! Take advantage of our wishes and run play with birthday boy.