Belated birthday wishes

Sometimes people forget about birthday celebrations of people who are close to them. In this situation they often want to send belated birthday wishes which will underline that the person cares of the birthday person and want to wish all the best although the wishes are send a little bit later.

1)I will not say that I was kidnapped, I did not change the time zone, I did not have a hangover the whole last week, but I admit that I have forgotten of Your birthday. To fix this, I am sending belated, but sincere birthday wishes – all the best for you!

2) Perhaps I will justify myself saying that you look as young as on the day we have met first time. It is hard to remember of the birthday of the person who looks like age does not matter. However, I wish you all the best for you!

3) I am really sorry that I forgot of your birthday. I can justify myself saying that the day is only once a year. Please, accept this belated wishes – I wish you good health, happiness, smile and I wish that all dreams will come true.

4) My dearest darling,

I am thinking about you all the time and thoughts of you preoccupy my head and I forgot about your birthday…. I am really sorry and I hope you will forgive me. Now finally, I am sending best wishes – all the best for you – lots of love, money and joy.

5) I know that your birthday was yesterday but I forget about them. I am really sorry. It does not mean that I do not care of you. I just want to wish you a sincere wishes of love, health and I hope that all your dreams will come true!